We are a full-service production company. In addition to our character-driven, long-form work, we have created music videos, commercials, museum installations and projections for downtown and Broadway theatre.


The role of the storyteller is to keep their eyes open, while everyone else’s are shut. We are cultural watchdogs. We stand at attention, observing and reflecting. We excavate, uncover, interpret and unravel. We look inward and then outward to find ways to better understand ourselves. We are protectors of tradition and shapers of new ones. We are recyclers, innovators and ultimately…entertainers.


From Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor in the Hindu Kush, to the verdant Rwenzori Mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic, we have lived and labored in what is left of the Earth’s stunning, pristine wilderness. This gift has made it possible for us to imagine a planet before the birth of cities, a gift that comes with a heavy burden: we know what it is that we stand to lose. We are compelled by the untraveled road, forgotten histories and folks absented from collective memory.


The artist by trade is a risk taker, intrepid, fearless explorers venturing into uncomfortable zones to unearth difficult truths. We can not be afraid to be honest, to look at real human emotion and to endeavor to come to terms with its contradictions and flaws. We believe in the lyrical, the magical, and the alchemical powers of art and performance.


We must be disrupters, even if our gestures are gentle pebbles tossed into the standing water. We bring our unique visual style and storytelling powers to our work with singular brands and corporate partners.


We all savor the first time we stumble upon language and ideas that invite us into the space of another and expand our notion of ourselves. Our creative mission is to bring evocative, character-driven storytelling to unusual and otherwise untold stories. Podcasts are a new and exciting form to us, presenting infinite possibilities for deep and nuanced first-hand reporting and untaped archive.


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Market Road Films is a New York-based, independent production company founded in 2003 by 2-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage and PGA and Emmy Award-winning film director, Tony Gerber. The company’s mission is to bring evocative, visual and character-driven storytelling to unusual and otherwise untold stories. We work in both fiction, non-fiction, installation and podcast.

“The Watering Hole” featured in the New York Times

Lynn Nottage chose to share her Signature Theater residency with other artists rocked by 2020. The immersive result: “The Watering Hole.”

“Takeover” Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival!

“Takeover” premiered this weekend at Tribeca Film Festival, with screenings at the AMC Magic Johnson 9 in Harlem and Soundview Park in the Bronx.

Lynn Nottage Inducted into Theater Hall of Fame

The Theater Hall of Fame has announced its 2021 inductees, including Market Road Films co-founder Lynn Nottage!

“Takeover” on WBAI Good Morning Nueva York

“Takeover” director Emma Francis-Snyder and Young Lord Cleo Silvers discuss the film on Good Morning Nueva York.

“Takeover” on All of It with Alison Stewart

“Takeover” on All of It with Alison Stewart

“Takeover” featured on Democracy Now!

“Takeover” director Emma Francis-Snyder joins Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! to discuss how she came to the story of the Young Lords’ takeover of Lincoln Hospital.

“Takeover” Interview on PIX11 News

Young Lords New York City co-founder Felipe Luciano and “Takeover” director Emma Francis-Snyder joined the PIX11 Morning News to talk about the film.

“Unfinished: Deep South” Nominated for Peabody Award

We are so excited to share that our podcast Unfinished: Deep South, created by Taylor Hom and Neil Shea, has been nominated for a Peabody Award!

“Takeover” to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2021

The NYC festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary with an array of new short films, including Market Road’s “Takeover,” directed by Emma Francis-Snyder.

Lynn Nottage Talks About Growing Up in Brooklyn on “Your Hometown”

Market Road co-founder Lynn Nottage talks to Your Hometown host Kevin Burke about growing up in Brooklyn in the late 1960s and ’70s. Your Hometown is an innovative new live event and podcast series from the Museum of the City of New York.


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